Why You Should Order Cigarettes Online

When you buy cigarettes nowadays, you are inundated with sky-high prices and other things that deter you from purchasing your pack of smokes. Excise taxes that are levied on a pack when you buy cigarettes are such a deterring factor that some smokers are actually forced to quit simply because they can’t afford their habit anymore.

This is perhaps why more and more smokers and tobacco lovers have looked to purchasing cigarettes online to solve this dilemma. To order cigarettes online, one must only fulfill a few simple requirements, with one being that you must be at least 21 years of age or older—this is actually the same restriction imposed on a customer even if he or she is to buy cigarettes from an actual neighborhood store.

Online, cigarettes and cigarette purchases don’t have as much red tape. And contrary to popular belief, you still have to pay a certain amount of tax when buying cigarettes online, but these taxes are definitely pegged at a more reasonable amount versus when you buy cigarettes in some states (the state of New York, for example, has one of the highest rates of excise tax imposed when buying cigarettes).

Another benefit to buying cigarettes online is the fact that you can order cigarettes online in bulk. You may buy cigarettes by the carton and still at a lower price than what it is on the market; probably the only comparable rate is what you would see if you buy cigarettes from airport duty-free shops.

Probably the best thing about buying cigarettes online is that when you get cigarettes online, free shipping is sometimes thrown in as a shopping perk. Imagine just having to order cigarettes online—say, a year’s supply—and then having them delivered straight to your door; you’ll never have to worry about running out of your favorite smokes ever again.

Cigarettes & Online Free Shipping

To qualify for free shipping and delivery with other purchases, your order must sometimes be of wholesale quantity. When you order cigarettes online, this is not always necessary: When you buy cigarettes, a few cartons may be enough to ensure you’re eligible for this. However, with transactions online, cigarettes are much easier to have delivered in bulk amounts. Customers would benefit from buying cigarettes online more than getting them from local corner stores, as not only is the tax lower—delivery fees can be waived entirely. You also have a wider inventory of cigarettes to choose from!