What is a Menthol Cigarette?

What is a menthol cigarette? It’s one that contains the substance menthol, which provides a cooling sensation on skin without actually letting body temperature drop lower. Menthol is a popular additive to cigarettes, and myriads of menthol cigarettes brands have emerged throughout the years. Brands of cheap cigarettes are also branching out and adding a separate menthol line to their inventory.

The best menthol cigarettes are those that have a cool, crisp flavor but don’t overwhelm the smoker. Fans of regular, non-mentholated cigarettes sometimes make the switch to menthol cigarettes brands upon a few tries of the best menthol cigarette, however, since its cooling taste provides a refreshing foil to the heavier taste of nicotine—especially in the case of some cheap cigarettes on the market.

Menthol cigarettes were first invented in 1924 and gained popularity in 1927, and to now account for a huge chunk of the cigarette market in several countries (they make 60% of total cigarette sales in the Philippines). There are several menthol cigarettes brands on the market, with the best menthol cigarettes gaining popularity due to the cooling sensation they give the smoker’s throat. There are certain cheap cigarettes that offer other variants, but none have taken to the public or have received such a warm reception as those of the best menthol cigarette smokes.

The best menthol cigarettes also offer the feeling of a “clean” smoke. Oftentimes, regular full-bodied cigarettes leave one feeling lightheaded or with a buzz; the best menthol cigarettes do away with that afterfeel and add a crisp, cool sensation to the drag, giving them an edge over some cheap cigarettes.

Mentholated Cigarettes, Cheap Cigarettes, Light Cigarettes—Each Smoker Has a Guilty Pleasure

Smokers all have distinct tastes and smoke different products, with some preferring heavier blends and others going for smoother tastes. There are smokers who choose only to smoke the best menthol cigarettes money can buy, while some do well with purchasing cheap cigarettes with a decent level of flavor.

In the case of menthol cigarettes, brands and varieties can vary and it all depends on the particular taste and palate of the smoker. Whether he or she goes for cheap cigarettes or the most expensive variety that’s available on the market doesn’t matter, as long as it caters to the smoker’s specific preference. Sometimes, the best menthol cigarettes aren’t even the priciest; people may consider a less expensive brand a contender for the best menthol cigarette out there if it has an exceptional flavor and taste.